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  This week, with intensity, I organized having an aerial and interior video made for the sale of our house. As someone who has voiced many-a-real-estate-listing and is a small business owner myself, I went into the task with some high expectations for hiring the right company. From doing my research online and engaging with half a dozen video production companies, here's what I learned about service and marketing: When responding to a new customer, watch grammar, typos, punctuation. Messy correspondence leaves a bad impression. Use full sentences. No need to be formal, but being too casual also leaves a bad impression. If[...]

My job requires me to be very, very precise. Certainly not brain surgery, but recording voiceovers does require crossing the proverbial "t's" and dotting the "i's", listening back to all recordings and making 100% certain that each word, no matter how small, be precisely read as written. I pride myself on the specificity and precision I bring to my work. This same precision is important in most jobs, I imagine – from doctor to waitress, being sloppy is not an option and lacks excellence. Equally important in getting it right the first time is in the role of passport administrator. And yet,[...]

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