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Dec 2014

Have you seen some of my posts specific to being an entrepreneur? In case you missed them, here are some of my most popular posts in that category this year. "Good Enough" - About choosing your attitude and working with your purpose. "ABC" - The vast (and lucrative) potential of eLearning. "I Should Care" - Not taking things personally. "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" - Marketing must haves. If you are interested in my posts about entrepreneurial or marketing efforts, please let me know! I love hearing feedback![...]

May 2014

I’m not naïve about the fact that I am dispensable as a voice actor and…yes, as a mother. As a voice talent, I am one small fish in a very big pond and am well aware that many other voice actors could fill my shoes in a heart-beat. As a mother, it HAS occurred to me that I’m also replaceable.  Millions of others do what I do and could indeed replace me on any given day. So what in the world makes me so special or unique? Well, perhaps it’s not that I’m special at all, but that I am working – I am working[...]

Apr 2014

You may be familiar with the phrase “don’t take anything personally”, if you've read “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Even if you haven’t read the book, it’s a lesson we all can learn at some point, especially in business. And, while it’s taken me decades to live that lesson, I have always managed to keep from personalizing in my own business.  I am very comfortable with the idea that my voice just wasn't what the client was looking for that day.  It might be perfect for someone else on any other day. The voice-over business is competitive, to say[...]

Buddha Voice Over Business

Know Thy Self in the Voice Over Business Learning more about my Self is my ultimate goal in my process of evolution and enlightenment.  Knowing thy self, in the voice over business, is as important as anywhere else.  I attribute much of my success in my business to just that: knowing who I am as a voice talent and therefore, where I fit in. (Never is that more true when branding yourself. See Celia Seigel’s, VoiceOverAchiever, for much more info on branding yourself as a voice talent.) Fortunately for this business, voice over work is available in so many directions! Indeed television, radio,[...]

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