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In keeping with my series on Ten Tips for Talking, a key element to success in using one’s best voice is mental state. In preparation for any interaction, be it business or personal, starting with a positive mental outlook makes a big difference, with the first impression we leave with others, how we carry ourselves, and how we proceed in business and life. Given that our mind and body are so completely connected, it would stand to reason that what’s going on in our mind would be reflected in the sound of our voice, an audible expression of our physical self.

Tip #2 for finding your best voice is “Mentally Prepare”. While I have many tips on how to mentally prepare, this one is to use MUSIC to improve your mental state. You CAN change your mood by the music that you listen to…I encourage uplifting music to set you on the right track. What that means to you, could be very different from what it means to me.

I’m a fan of Songza.com and also have a Sirius Radio membership. Songza will literally help you choose your music by time of day, activity and (desired) mood! Dig a little deeper and you’ll find an enormous selection of playlists to suit your tastes. And, Sirius has something for everyone.

My taste in music tends to be on the “mature” side, so my choices may not be yours. At 10 years old, I got my first album, Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits, and also hung onto every word sung by Karen Carpenter.  Although my tastes have been questioned, I like happy music. What can I say…

Musical Theatre, 70’s pop, anything feel good, motivational, inspirational. (I wish I could be re-incarnated into a member of the Glee cast.)

I’ve compiled a short playlist of motivational songs on YouTube for you here. I’m glad I did that. I think I’ll listen every morning…


8 responses to “Change your music. Change your mind.”

  1. Lisette van Raadshooven says:

    Love this Natasha! Very inspiring to remember music as a positive and motivational instrument when mood and countenance is to be lifted. Thank you for the playlist.

  2. So fun! Thanks, Natasha. And I know what you say to be absolutely true. In my first business I learned that when I was stressed about cash flow my sales calls were a bust. It took me awhile to admit it, but of course it was because people could “hear” the stress in my voice. Yeah for happy music!

  3. Terri Thelin says:

    “Happy” by Pharrell does it for me!

    • Doesn’t it, Terri? I made a small vow to myself that I would dance to it, the first time I hear it each day! I don’t hear it ad nauseum now, so I needed to add it to a playlist!

      • Terri Thelin says:

        I just can’t hear it enough!

        *Terri Thelin*

        *Programming/Production/Promotions Mgr.*

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        natashamarchewka commented: “Doesn’t it, Terri? I made a small vow to myself that I would dance to it, the first time I hear it each day! I don’t hear it ad nauseum now, so I needed to add it to a playlist!”

  4. Linda Daley says:

    I admit to having been a fan of Barry Manilow and Karen Carpenter… and, umm, the Bay City Rollers!

  5. […] Mentally Prepare – BEING confident is key in SOUNDING confident. One must either believe in themselves or their message. Read something positive before speaking. Even better, read something positive someone wrote about YOU! […]

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