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When we first bought our home two years ago this week, my husband had the privilege of selecting and buying a home without my seeing it. When he saw the home on his visit to Nova Scotia, Canada from Grand Cayman, he knew instantly that it was the right one. Back in Cayman, I was excited to know that he managed to find something comfortable and appropriate for our family within the limitation of his two week re-con trip. However, when I saw the photos and realized that, like Harry Potter, I was relegated to a space under the stairs…I fumed for a couple of hours. To be honest, I had hoped for something a little more sophisticated.

While it’s taken awhile to finish a room on our lower level and create a dedicated space for my studio, I actually came to LOVE my space under the stairs. Unless someone was tap dancing above me, it was the quietest room in the house. It suited my purposes perfectly.

In my research for soundproofing my new space, I came across plenty of ideas and materials to provide a professional setup. From inexpensive foam and even books against the walls as sound proofing alternatives to pop up studios in the thousands, there are as many options as there are choices for recording software. Google and YouTube have tons of examples at every price point.

From someone who has run a voice-over business from home since 2006, I can tell you that setting up a workable studio is not difficult. Amazing what you can do with “acoustical material and mounts” (read moving blankets and shower curtain rods)! (For doubters and newbies, it’s the high-end microphone that makes you or breaks you.)

I’m very happy with my more professional looking studio, but as Harry Potter may attest, there is something comforting about having your own space…even if it is under the stairs.

6 responses to “Easily create your own VO studio?”

  1. Lisette van Raadshooven says:

    I love this piece – full of humour and comfort. Gratitude is a wonderful thing, as is a “place to call home”.

  2. Linda Daley says:

    So now I want to see a picture! Lovely story.

  3. I now want to see a photo too! That was my first reaction, but also delighted that you shared your connection with Harry Potter!

  4. Karen Clayton-Babb says:

    Hi Tash….very humourous can’t imagine you fuming

  5. […] list of must-have’s, but the grab bag of voice talent must-have’s: a GREAT microphone, a quiet recording space, a strong immune system, a sense of humo(u)r, confidence, a load of patience, and the ability to […]

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