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Adding Audio to Your Content – Part Two – What and Where?

Creating and sharing audio content makes good business sense for me as a voice actor. In Part One of my blog “Adding Audio to your Content”, I mentioned that ALL business owners and sales professionals could benefit from adding the element of audio, not just those of us who are selling our voice.

What to say?

  • Introduce your business, or yourself, with a recorded greeting. Here’s an example:
  • An elevator pitch – a compelling 30-60 second story of what you do…
  • A call to action – something you would like the listener/reader to do – sign up for your blog, call you, order your product…
  • A summary, or explanation, of your services

But where and how do you add audio content?

Your blog site will (likely) allow you to add an audio file anywhere in the body your blog. Sharing your blog will then share your audio, too.

Want to share it in your newsletter or on social media?

Upload your audio file to SoundCloud. You can share it directly from there OR you can paste link to anything, anywhere. While facebook and LinkedIn don’t attach audio files, sharing it through SoundCloud resolves that or embed a link right into your newsletter or website.

Adding audio content can be very easy. It doesn’t have to be highly produced with music or sound effects. A dry audio file (one with no production behind it) is perfectly acceptable. And, recording a professional sounding piece isn’t difficult, if you have the right equipment…a microphone, a free download of Audacity or other recording software, and off you go.

Be sure to receive feedback from others as to whether or not your voice and your finished product hold up to your own high standards. You don’t want a shoddy recording or a weak sounding voice representing you.

Alternatively, a voice talent can help you record your own voice at a low cost. Consider hiring a Presentation Skills Coach to improve your delivery OR hiring a Voice Talent to record an audio clip that would represent your business professionally.

Previously published by Daley Progress @ WorkBetterNotHarder.com 04-14-15

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