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Jul 2015


Moving. Moving. Moving…I believe it is my destiny to move, like a gypsy, from home to home, city to city… Though enamored by the romanticism of a gypsy, you would never likely guess that is who I am. A (somewhat reluctant) resident of the suburbs, someone who likes to dig in, a homebody… Through destiny and fate, I happened to marry someone who is also destined to move frequently.

Here I am, in my new home in California. Studio up. No furniture yet. And, INCREDIBLY blessed. My business of voice-overs allows me to flexibly work ANYWHERE! Working from home isn’t without its challenges – an essay’s worth at the very least – it is living the dream, as far as I’m concerned.

This time my studio has me looking like the Wizard of Oz, behind a curtain, in a comfortable space that the cat also enjoys. Despite what goes on around me, I am able to maintain my business and, for the most part, my sanity…because no matter where the road takes me, home is in my heart. I know that with every fiber of my being.

CLICK TO HEAR SONG>>*“Across the Universe” – a 1960’s song by John Lennon. The version on the other side of this link is the ethereal Fiona Apple from the lovely 1998 film, Pleasantville, filmed on location in what is now my new neighborhood, Stevenson Ranch, California.


6 responses to “Home is in our heart.”

  1. Linda Daley says:

    It really is one of the coolest things about owning our own business – the flexibility to move. I’d love to see pics of your new locale – quite different than here in NS, I imagine.

  2. Laura Pavlo says:

    Hi Natasha! Came across old cards and letters u gave me from years ago. Our friendship will always hold such a special place in my heart. I love your writing about your life. Good for you to embrace the upheaval and remain sane 🙂 bless u and ur family and happy early birthday xo Laura

  3. […] without my seeing it. When he saw the home on his visit to Nova Scotia, Canada from Grand Cayman, he knew instantly that it was the right one. Back in Cayman, I was excited to know that he managed to find something comfortable and […]

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