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Though I’ve completed Yoga Teacher Training, and practice Yoga as often as possible, you would rarely see me in pretzel-like poses. My practice is a gentle one. It is not uncommon to find me in a room of women (with an occasional male), over the age of 65. I believe that a slow consistent stretching and strength practice is RIGHT for me. And so, I progress, slowly and surely…

All this to say that while almost a third of the year is over, and I continue to upgrade EVERYTHING in my business, I must have patience and know that it will all come together in good time, slowly and surely.

April has been a jumble of productivity, long to do lists, and unplanned tasks. When I said I was doing a VO Upgrade, I wasn’t kidding… Now in the midst of changing EVERYTHING, it’s all a little overwhelming, because once you uncover a stone, turns out, you uncover a whole lot more.

My beautiful STUDIOBRICKS One soundproof booth has been put together and is now waiting for a work station. Ventilation, light, and components to record in the booth are all on the list. Slowly and surely…

This week…a photoshoot for a new headshot will begin the process of re-branding my business. With some help from Branding Strategist, Jonathan Tilley, I see the pieces coming together. A new logo with the soon-to-be-revealed photo will also lead to a new website…a couple of months from now…slowly and surely.

A trip to Nova Scotia at the beginning of April had me meeting my new accountant, tying up taxes for my new “Corporation” (Voice Presentations Ltd.), and paying a nice hefty bill…Indeed, the price to pay for having a registered corporation, thousands of miles away…lots of slow and steady stone turning at tax time…

And, even, what might be considered, a simple task of streamlining all my email addresses into Outlook and finally embracing natasha@natashamarchewka.com (goodbye Yahoo!), turned into a bigger “thing” than anticipated! (You are still welcome to email me at natashamarchewka @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com, and @gmail.com. Yup, I’ve got it covered.)

All this while turning out A LOT of stuff for my national client, Electrolux, and much more from several other beloved clients.

So, despite my level of general activity, which I deem as extremely high, completing all those tasks expected of both a parent and entrepreneur, I need to rest in the “enoughness” of completing one step at a time…

And so, I progress, slowly and surely…


P.S. I can’t say enough about Jonathan Tilley. Both a Brand Strategist and a Voice Talent, this man is exceedingly talented. His remarkable, intuitive creative abilities astound me. There isn’t a font he can’t deconstruct into the message itself conveys. Talk about nuancing! Entrepreneur in need of some guidance? He’s a Skype call away. Voice Talent in need of insider information? He’s SO knowledgeable and might share a secret or two, if you’re lucky! Have a German voice script that needs translating and a perfect read? He can do that, too!


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  1. Mikie Harris says:

    So proud of you for the work you do for Electrolux!

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